Our Story

Limitless Disability Services, INC was developed in 2021 when the need for day programs was seen in many communities. At the same time it was noticed that most churches are empty a number of days during the week but have the ability to rent to a nonprofit with similar missions, to make a difference. Jubilee was the first Church that came to mind because of their location, their values, and their welcoming congregation. With the added stress of COVID-19, this set up just made sense.  

In 2022, we saw the need was greater than what we had originally anticipated. At the end of the year Limitless decided to seek a bigger space to be able to accommodate our community’s needs. In December we started our move to Downtown Woodstock thanks to our family and community support. Our dedicated staff and families spent the end of the year prepping the new space so that we could start 2023 in our new home.  

 Limitless started strong in 2023, we opened our new location and welcomed new clientele. We pride ourselves in treating our staff and client families as our family. We continue to have small client to staff ratios and continue to improve our program activities to make sure we are one of the best day programs in North Georgia. We are so excited to celebrate how far we have come in such a short time; however, we can hardly wait to see what the future holds. 

Our Mission

At Limitless, we believe every individual deserves independence and inclusion in a safe and loving environment. The day program gives special needs adults the ability to be independent and grow as an individual through community support and activities.


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