Our Day Programming

The Day Program is a service provided to support individuals with special needs during the work week while family members and caregivers attend work or run errands.

This program will have lesson plans that are developed by Coordinators and that are followed by Direct Support Professionals to assist in each client being as independent as possible. Activities throughout the day will include but aren’t limited to:


This will include a walking club, dance, yoga, and more!

Peer to Peer Meeting

It is important to teach appropriate social interactions. What better way than communicating with your peers. Each day we will provide a time to table talk with one another.


Workboxes will be developed by dedicated staff to reach personal goals that individuals have. This will work on fine motor skills and life skills.

Community Outings

We have found COVID-19 appropriate outings that will keep the day to day exciting for individuals that come to Limitless.

Bible Study

We have a dedicated time for devotional each day and will dive deeper into a bible study multiple times a week.

Arts & Crafts

We are partnering with local artists to bring different skill sets to the table. We are excited to see what kind of beautiful artwork our participants will make.