A Joyful June: Highlights from our Day Program

Jul 10, 2023 | Events

June has been an exciting month at Limitless! Our clients shine in everything they do, and we are honored to be able to give them opportunities, resources, and a safe space to do so. Though our friends with developmental or intellectual disabilities face unique challenges, their journey is also clearly filled with resilience and triumph.

Some of our most joyful moments this past month are highlighted below.

Social Activities: Bingo! Night and Cards at Circle of Friends

Social opportunities like our first-ever Bingo! Night and card games with our partners at Circle of Friends give clients an opportunity to laugh and develop friendships.

Sensory and Experiential Activity: Water Day and Trip to Hidden Acres Farm

The sensory activities and hands-on outings we provide are essential experiences in supporting individuals developmental and intellectual disabilities. In the future, we hope to include Occupational Therapy with sensory integration for adults as part of our services.

Work Job: Men’s Boutique The Manual and Hidden Acres

Work jobs are opportunities for our clients to use and build their valuable skills. We are so grateful to our friends at The Manual and Hidden Acres Farm for partnering with us.

Stay tuned to see what July brings!