Our Team

Paige Reid

Executive Director

Paige has worked in the disabilities community for over ten years. This includes managing therapeutic riding centers, in-home caregiving, and special needs day programs. She has a passion for teaching the community about individuals with disabilities and wants to help make the world limitless.

Stephen Taylor

Business Developer

Stephen is the founder of SNs360 and Dream Big Dance, and is the Executive Director of both Community of Hope and Circle of Friends. He was born with profound hearing loss and understands the daily challenges of living with a disability.

Zana Beasley

Team Lead

Zana has been providing care and support to individuals with disabilities for over three years. It’s so rewarding helping them to achieve confidence in their own abilities. She loves assisting with art projects, and cooking; she really loves the volunteer opportunities and working together to serve our community.

Brooke Robertson

Program Coordinator

Brooke’s experience includes several internships supporting individuals with disabilities and most recently worked as a program coordinator for a day program. Brooke attained a degree, that has allowed her to turn her passion into a professional career with supporting individuals with disabilities.


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