Traditional Respite

Respite is a program that would assist families one Saturday out of the month. Once established, more Saturdays could be added. The hours would be from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

During the program there will be activities that will take place such as arts and crafts, bible study, and watching movies. Lunch will be provided for the individuals that participate in the program.

Bible Study Respite

Many families that have a loved one with disabilities are distant from church for many reasons. One of them being that there is not someone to watch their loved one with disabilities while they go to bible study or other church events.

This program would partner with the church to determine what day the majority of the bible studies are held and Limitless will hold an after hour service so that family members can attend bible study groups. Each week, there would be a bible study activity so that the individuals participating in the program have the opportunity to learn about God.

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